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Youth & Junior Elite Team

SONY DSCThe Youth and Junior Elite Team will compete in the ITU World Cup and Olympic format of racing.  The ITU format of racing is draft legal; which allows athletes to draft during the bike leg of the race.  The bike course is usually more technical and closely mimics cycling criterium racing.  This adds an entirely different element to triathlons as it encourages team tactics throughout the race.

SONY DSCInterested members will be required to meet specific performance criteria to be a member of the team.  Each member should have above average swimming skills, the ability to ride comfortably in a group, and be a strong runner.

The age requirements for each team are: Youth Elite (13-15)* and Junior Elite (16-19)*.

We offer a 10% discount, per sibling, for families with multiple athletes.  Team uniform, training bags, and race fees and travel are an additional cost.  Please Contact Us for additional information.

If you are interested your child joining our team, please send an email to

*USAT Age: The age of an athlete as of December 31st of the current year.