It's More than a Sport, Its a Lifestyle


What is Multisport?

Multisport is the combination of two or more sports.  Multisport often refers to Duathlons (running and cycling) and Triathlons (swimming, cycling, and running).  Multisport training can offer a wider range of benefits than any of the component sports (swimming, cycling, or running) by themselves.  Multisport training can be somewhat overwhelming to newcomer to the sport.  However, once the basics are understood, it is a very exciting, fulfilling, and lifelong sport.

What are the Benefits to Multisport Training?

Each sport works different muscle groups in slightly different ways, promoting recovery and allowing greater fitness gains in a shorter period of time with a lower risk of injury.

How often does the team practice and what times are the practice held?

We believe that group training is paramount to the success of each individual team member.  Our training philosophy is based off Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.”  The Youth Performance Team practices swimming, cycling, running, strength, and transitions as a group four times a week – with two optional training sessions.  These comprise of an additional swimming session and an optional group ride.  Training Sessions are held at 5:30pm Monday through Friday and and optional session on Saturday mornings.

Where are your training sessions held?

Our training sessions are held at three main sites throughout Bryan/College Station.  Swimming is held at Bryan Aquatic Center, Cycling is held at Pebble Creek Elementary, and Running is held at College Station Middle School.

Will it be alright to attend training sessions with my child?

Absolutely.  One of the great benefits of multisport training is that it can be enjoyed by the entire family and lead to a healthier lifestyle.  We encourage family attendance during our practices.  If a family member would like to assist in our training sessions, please contact the Team Director to learn how you can benefit the team.

Your Mission Statement states that you are founded on Christian principles and will teach God’s principles throughout the season.  What will my child learn?

We are affiliated with FCA Endurance and your athlete will be exposed to fundamentals of the Christian faith through age appropriate devotional topics that pertain to the multisport lifestyle.  Each week, a new topic will be introduced and discussed during training breaks.  Once a month, during our Saturday optional training day, we have Christian Athletes from Texas A&M University share their faith and how their relationship with Christ impacts their respective sport and their lives.  Parents are welcome to attend these sessions.

What type of equipment is required for my child?

The equipment required varies for each program we offer.  At a very minimum, goggles, swim suit (either “speedo” type or “jammers”), bike, bike helmet, tight fitting shorts, and running shoes.  The Youth Performance and Youth & Junior Elite Team members are required to use Road Bikes.  There are additional items that can aid in training and racing; these will be discussed at the team informational meeting before the start of each season.

Does my child have to ride a road bike?

No,not for our Development Program.  However, it is required for our Youth Performance and Youth & Junior Elite Teams.  We currently have numerous Nationally ranked youth triathletes for their age group and we do require road bikes for two main reasons.  The first is safety; during group rides, it is much safer for all team members as they they can hold similar speeds during training and these bikes are much more responsive than a mountain or BMX bike.  Second, we are a competitive team and the speeds that team members can maintain are much higher than a standard bike.  More Importantly, riding a road bike allows the rider to conserve energy on the bike leg, which leads to faster run times off the bike.  If you would like to see the differences in action, please take a look at a few of our team videos and watch the difference in speed when these kids are on the race course.  Finding a youth road bike can be daunting for someone new to the sport.  Please contact us if you are interested, as we can assist in procuring a road bike for your child.

How much does it cost to have my athlete participate?

Athletes pay a monthly fee and the fee varies depending on the program selected.  The cost includes all swimming, cycling, and running instruction, professional bike fit, a training technical shirt, and a team water bottle.  Families with multiple athletes will receive a 10% discount per athelete.  There is also a one time fee for team uniforms for members of the Teams.

What programs do you offer for my child?

We offer four programs, three in the summer season and one in the winter.  The Development Squad, ages 7-15, is designed to teach fundamentals to youth who want to be involved in triathlon at a recreational level.  The Youth Performance Team, ages 7-15, is designed to develop competitive triathletes and prepare them for racing at an elite level.  The Youth & Junior Elite Team, ages 13-19, is designed to create highly competitive triathletes to race at the highest levels of youth triathlon.  This program has an ITU racing focus and is the most competitive program we offer.  Lastly, our Winter Cycling Program, ages 7-15, is designed to teach basic and advanced cycling skills.  As these skills are perfected, this program transitions into teaching road riding fundamentals.

It looks like your season has already started, can my child join after the season has started?

Yes.  We start in April to ensure that our athletes are ready for the spring races.  Your child can join at any time; we do have numerous coaches working with a variety of athletes at different skill levels.  Your child will be placed in the appropriate group based on their current skill level.

My child is currently a member of a US Swimming program, will we have to leave this program to join the team?

Swimming is a vital part of Triathlon and we encourage swimming with a US Swimming program.  As long as your child can practice with their US Swimming program on the same scheduled training days and train with the team in running and cycling, they are more than welcome to join the team.  Another option is to train with us for swimming during triathlon season and return to the US Swimming program in the fall.  Almost all of our team members swim with a US Swimming program in the off season.

What age does my athlete have to be to participate?

Athletes on the team must be between 7-19 years old; however, this age is based on USAT age rules which figures age by how old the athlete is on December 31st of the current year.  For example if an athlete is currently 6, but will turn 7 before December 31st of the current year, they are eligible to participate.  This also means that a 19 year old who turns 20 before December 31st will not be eligible to race as a Junior Elite.  However, based on the experience, the athlete could be individually coached by us for the U23  ranks.

What is USAT?

USA Triathlon is the sanctioning authority for more than 3500 diverse events, ranging from grassroots to high-profile races nationwide.  USA Triathlon is responsible for the selection and training of teams to represent the United States in international competition, including the world championships, Pan Am Games and Olympic Games. It conducts national camps and clinics and provides coaching education programs.  USA Triathlon fosters grassroots expansion of the sport, which is facilitated by the sanctioning of age-group events and triathlon clubs. National and regional championships are held for triathletes from junior to senior age divisions.

Last Updated: April 2013