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Race Recaps 2012

USAT Youth Nationals

IMG_1444USAT Nationals was a great race!  10 Team members made the trek to West Chester, Ohio; a rapidly growing city north of Cincinnati.  It was very exciting to watch and compete with the best youth in the sport; from Draft Legal Elite Racing to young seven year olds, the weekend was one to remember.  It was great to see the growing number of Triathlon teams and interact with youth triathletes from different parts of the country.  Our team performed extremely well and each athlete raced extremely well.  We could not be more proud of each one of them.

In the Team Catagory, we placed 3rd out of 38 teams.  Quite an accomplishment for such a young and small team.  The teams that placed 1st and 2nd had teams three to four times our size.  We had three team members with podium finishes; two first place and one third place.  Congratulations Athletes and you have made your city, team, and families proud.

A Video/Slideshow of the weekend can be seen on our Videos page.

Also, the KBTX news article on this weekend is below:

WEST CHESTER, Ohio — More than 400 youth athletes from across the United States enjoyed swimming, biking and running in the sunshine at Voice of America Park on Sunday to close out the USA Triathlon Junior and Youth National Championship weekend.

Trinity Multisport, a newly formed youth triathlon team based out of College Station, placed Third overall in the Team Competition. “Our kids have worked extremely hard all summer and it’s a great honor to be recognized on a national level,” said Texas A&M Ph.D student, Dustin Joubert. Dustin is a member of the Texas A&M Triathlon team and the Running and Cycling Coach for Trinity Multisport.

Abby Ross, a 9-year old College Station 4th grader, won the USA Triathlon Youth National Championship in her age group, Sunday in West Chester, Ohio. “Abby is talented young athlete and her dedication and desire led her to a victorious win today in a highly competitive field,” Said Ricardo Nava, Swimming Coach for Trinity Multisport.

Christiano Migliaccio, a 7-year old College Station 2nd grader, placed 3rd in his age group and Monica Lopez-Aguirre, an 8-year old from The Woodlands, also placed 1st in her age group. Their events consisted of a 100 meter open water swim, a 3 mile bike, and a 1K run.

“All of our Team Members who competed did extremely well and contributed to our team placement. We placed much higher than larger and more established teams and the award highlights the strength of our young team. We are very proud of all of them,” said Team Director Louie Migliaccio.

The 13-15-year-olds began the youth age group races at 10:20 a.m. with a 200-meter swim, 10-kilometer bike and 2-kilometer run, followed by the 11-12-year-olds. The athletes in the 7-10 age groups completed a 100m swim, 5k bike, 1k run. Club awards were also presented following the races.

“It was hard, but it was a good course,” said Kieran Devere (13-15, Madera, Calif.), who has been doing triathlons since she was five and won her age group. “The best part was just being out there and racing.”

Many of the athletes thought the best part of the day was just having fun doing sports they enjoyed, like Kira Weil (11-12, Hamilton, Ohio). “I love sports and I love running,” she said, adding that she liked racing against so many other athletes because it provided a better challenge.

“There are so many good people, it’s hard to win,” said 7-year-old Vole Spring (Boulder, Colo.), who finished second in his age group. “The bike was very short but I just pushed as hard as I could. I did my best.”

The championship aspect was a big draw for athletes near and far. “The atmosphere and the fact that it’s a national championship (made it exciting),” said Jack Franko (13-15, Richmond, Va.).

“I felt really good. I felt really strong the whole time, so I am happy,” Alexandra Morgan (11-12, Glenview, Ill.) “You’re here with all the national champions and it’s nice to know that you’re here and you’re doing it. Afterward you feel so proud of yourself.”

In all, nearly 700 triathletes comprised a record field for the event weekend, held in West Chester for the first time.

“West Chester is a great location for this event,” said Jeff Dyrek, USA Triathlon’s National Events Director. “We’ve had great support from the community and all of the groups we’ve been working with. The athletes, their parents, the spectators and coaches have helped us make this event a success.”

At the end of the day, athletes had a lot to celebrate after crossing the finish line. “It felt tough but I feel really nice now and I feel proud that I finished well,” said Jennifer Mettler (9, Chanhassen, Minn.). She summed up the event perfectly, saying, “You get a medal and you get yourself nice fitness and most of all, it’s really fun.”

TriAggieland Kids Triathlon

Three words best describe this race: What a Race!  It was great to be a part of such a wonderful event.  There was a total of 325 participants for this sold out race.  The athletes that competed were very talented and it was great to see so many competitive triathletes.  It was also inspiring to see so many first time triathletes. We hope to see you again at other races in the area.  Triathlon is such a wonderful sport and everyone on our team feels blessed to be a part of this Triathlon Family.

Texas A&M University is a wonderful venue and everyone seemed to enjoy the course layout and organization.  We would like to personally thank all of the volunteers and committee members at The Children’s Museum for their hard work.

All 16 of our team members competed and everyone placed top 6 in their respective age groups.  It’s always a pleasure to see our athletes progress during the season and this race was no exception.  The training and dedication from the athletes, coaches, and parents have been fantastic and it shows in the results.  Great job Athletes and keep up your hard work!

Waco Kids Triathlon

June 16th, 2012

The inaugural Waco Kids Triathlon was a great race being its first year in existence.  The number of participants were higher than expected and it drew a wonderful local crowd.  It was great to see the number of first time triathletes during the race.  Due to a venue change, the pool was quite small for a triathlon; however, the Race Director and staff made it work and nearly 100 athletes safely swam the distance required for each division.

Team Trinity did extremely well and every team member pushed extremely hard.  Their training and positive attitudes are shaping their race times and race experience.  Every team member is having a wonderful time racing and developing into strong youth triathletes.

From a results standpoint, all Team Members placed in the top two in their respective age groups.  Good Job Athletes and continue to keep up the hard work.

Hidden Cove Kids Triathlon

May 19th, 2012

Hidden Cove was the third youth race in the USAT South Midwest Region Championship Series.  Hosted by PlayTri, the race staff and course were excellent.  As the first open water race of the season, the course was more challenging than a pool swim, but all competitors rose to the challenge and charged into the water.  The cycling and running legs were throughout Hidden Cove Park and was a course that had windy sections and changes in elevation.

This race was more competitive than our previous races; its truly great to race against competitors from H.I.S. Racing in Oklahoma City, Tri4Him in Southlake, PlayTri in Dallas, and all of the other serious competitors not affiliated with any team.

We had 13 Team members in Attendence and all placed with the Top 4 of thier respective age groups.  We are very proud of our athletes and look forward to our next USAT SMW Region Series Race, July 8th at the Prairie Kids Open Water Kids Triathlon in Dallas.

A special thanks to our athletes, Coach Dustin, and Coach Rick for their dedication, hard work, and determination.  We truly appreciate your efforts.

JCC/TKC Family Triathlon

May 6th, 2012

Our team represented themselves as honorable competitiors at the first USAT Regional Youth Series Race of the season. Hosted at the JCC/TKC Family Triathlon, this race was in its fourth season; however, the directors and volunteers had never seen such a competitive field of youth triathletes and were a bit overwhelmed with the level of competitiveness and speed of the triathletes.  There were more competitive youth triathletes then there were participatory athletes.

We are very proud of our team members with how they conducted themselves and overwhelmingly supported each other during the race.  The race video captures this wonderfully and it can be seen on our 2012 Videos page.

It was great to compete against notable triathletes such as: Nicolas & Andres Restrepo, Kaytlynn & Heather Welch, Mateo Shanahan, Raul Luzardo, Olivia Howard, and Helene Farris to name a few.  On a team front, it was fun to compete against SelecTri of The Woodlands and Tri4Him from the Dallas Metroplex.  We look forward to competing with you again at the third race of the USAT regional series; The Hidden Cove Kids Triathlon in The Colony, TX.

As a team, we brought 15 triathletes and three of our team members were first time triathletes.  All of our team members placed top 6 in their respective age groups and we had seven podium finishers.  A special thanks to Coach Dustin, Coach Rick, and most importantly to the dedication and determination of our Athletes.  We would like to thank team member parents for their support and most importantly our Lord for allowing this team to be formed.

The Houston Kids Triathlon

Our Team had a great showing for our first “Pre Season” race.  There were over 1,000 kids that participated in this race and the course was windy and challenging.  It was Kids Triathlon Inc.’s first race in Houston and overall it was a fun race.  There were numerous first time youth triathletes and it was great to watch the team cheer on their fellow members and first time triathletes.  All team members placed in the top 10 in their respective age groups and we had Six First Place Finishers on the Podium.  Congratulations to our athletes, they truly represented themselves and their team well.  We thank the Lord that we had a safe, fun, and exciting race.

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Our next “Pre Season” race is the sold out Cedar Park Kids Triathlon and The Kemah Kids Triathlon the weekend of April 28th & 29th.  Both should be competitive and we are looking forward to representing our team!