It's More than a Sport, Its a Lifestyle

Why Do You Race?

You’re a racer. Whether it be running, cycling, triathlon or something else; you’ve been called to participate in racing at some level. Why? Even at the most basic level, racing has a cost. For those who are driven to compete, especially at longer distances, the cost is high. There’s time to train; money for race fees, memberships, equipment, and travel; energy that could be spent at work, with your family, or serving others; and other resources that sometimes can’t even be counted. It is expensive! Our question: Is it worth it? Why do you race?

  • Stay fit
  • Fun
  • Time with Friends
  • Maintain/Improve health
  • Pride
  • Enjoy Competition
  • Desire to achieve physical goals
  • Personal Identity
  • Raise Awareness/Funds for others
  • Vanity
  • Awards
  • Others ___________
 We could likely have a good discussion regarding the merit of each of the above, perhaps even labeling some “good” or “bad” reasons to race. Some justify the cost, some may not. In reality though, each of the above, on its own, may not be a great reason to race. The reason: each of the above is temporary. Whether the perceived or achieved rewards last for a day or until you die, it will likely eventually mean nothing in the eternal scheme of things.

So the question, “How can I race for something eternal?” What is completely fulfilling and can give peaceful purpose to your racing and life? What makes the cost worth it?

Being in a personal relationship with God and racing for Him!

How do you get this? The Bible has the answer.

Click the link below to learn more:

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